•    Attracting Partners and Investors

Logos LLC  helps its customers to find relevant partners or investors for a specific project  financing. The service includes managing the negotiation process with potential financial institutions or private investors after presenting the full investment package and agreeing on investment terms.

•    Finding the sources of Crediting

Company offers its customers a broad range of credit services, which includes: Short-term and long term debt financing; Convertible Equity loans; Refinancing loans – for other long-term financial costs; Bridge loans -are one of the best solutions for addressing short-term liquidity issues for companies. One aim of bridge loans is to create a credit history for start-up companies so that other financial institutions can refinance the loan with a more affordable financial resource after a short period of time.

•    Business Plans

A business plan helps companies to effectively plan and run their operations, since it describes and demonstrates existing risks and opportunities in the market. A business plan gives a specific business idea a comprehensive project format, which the authors can present to any financial institution for attracting necessary financial resources.

•    Company Profiles

The company profile gives a brief overview of company operations, its management, organizational structure and financial data. Company profiles are usually used for introducing companies to interested parties, such as investors, customers, partners, mass media and other stakeholders.

•    Risk Management

Incorrect or inefficient management of internal organizational and market risks can lead a company into a wrong path. Effective risk management, risk evaluation, management strategy and tactics can increase company efficiency.